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Are You Serious About Growing Your HVAC Business?

HVAC contractors sharing ideas

HVAC contractors are seldom at a loss for words or advice based on their personal experiences.

Consider the groups that form during expos and conferences, like Air Conditioning Conference of America (ACCA), Contractor Leadership Live, or one of your regional Energy Expos (for your oil guys).

Often the conversation bounces from golf handicaps to tales of the one that got away, but you’ll also hear a lot of talk about the diminishing pool of mechanical talent, effective marketing tactics and vendors who might be upping their game.

Whatever contractors talk about, it usually leads to a sharing of ideas and ways to improve their businesses.

This thinking is the foundation of our Comfort Zone Mix Groups and Mastermind Groups — small groups of non-competing contractors, all facing the same challenges: to compete with the whales in their service areas, to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to stay on top of trends in effective marketing.

“It’s a forum for contractors to sanity check the stuff we’re being bombarded with every day.”, explains Comfort Media’s Ron Musser, “When four of five contractors are able to share information and learn about things like SEO, Google pay-per-click, and other lead generation techniques, everybody moves forward together, stronger for the group.”

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Comfort Zone Mix Groups are made up of four to six non-competing contractors who meet twice a month via phone and video chat to dive into a specific topic about sales and digital marketing, hear about things that are working for other contractors, and share best practices.

Who Qualifies?

Comfort Zone Mix Groups are open to all HVAC and Plumbing contractors.

We group contractors based on commonalities in their markets, such as residential service and installation or commercial service and installation.

We offer Mix Groups for Bryant ductless, Carrier ductless and Mitsubishi Electric ductless contractors who are serious about growing their ductless businesses.

Carrier Bryant Mitsubishi Electric

The process of joining a CMG Comfort Zone Mix Group ($97/mo) or Mastermind Group ($147/Mo) begins with a visit to where you can get the process started 24/7, or a phone call to call Don Lafferty at 888-519-1950 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

We’ll get a few pieces of information about your company, and your goals, schedule a call to get to know each other, then match you up with a group of contractors whose goals and aspirations are in line with yours.

A Comfort Zone Coach will be assigned to your group and moderate your meetings.

We know the value of structure when it comes to getting the most out of your Mix Group or Mastermind experience, so come ready to learn, as we unpack topics and introduce you to experts in various aspects of running your HVAC sales and marketing teams. This list of visiting experts and other speakers can be found here on the Comfort Zone website.

Who will I be grouped with?

Contractors who compete with each other are not put into the same groups in order to promote transparency and open dialogue.

Members come from far and wide, so we like to keep contractors together who face similar climates so their seasonal priorities are in sync.

When will we meet?

Comfort Zone Mix Groups and Masterminds meet twice a month. Zoom meetings are set for every other week.

We can be flexible, but we found that meeting monthly led to a feeling of disconnection, and if your schedule forced you to miss a monthly meeting, half a season could slip by and contractors were not getting the value out of the group.

Eventually the group can set up whatever meeting schedule they want to, including face-to-face time if everyone is in agreement, but in the beginning, it's every other week.

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Basecamp - Our Online Campfire

HVAC Mastermind Groups

Another benefit of your Comfort Zone Mix Group or Mastermind is a permanent online record that you can access 24/7 from your computer or mobile app.

In your online Basecamp we will store a recording of every meeting, all documents, templates, links and additional resources related to the material covered and discussed.

You have access to these resources as long as you remain an active member of the group.

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